Compliance with TCPA/DNC


Compliance with TCPA/DNC

We take pride in offering our stakeholders a world-class experience. Whether interacting with Homeowners, Sellers, Partners, or any of our other stakeholders, we aim to provide experiences that instill confidence and encourage the expansion of green energy through authentic human connections.

Part of providing that world-class experience means that our team adheres to TCPA guidelines.

What is TCPA?

It stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which was put in place so that consumers can register their phone numbers with a national “Do-Not-Call List Registry”. If a phone number is on the do not call list, it cannot be dialed for any marketing purposes without consent from the consumer.

How can you get your number on the Do Not Call List?

If you don’t wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, you can get your number added to the list by following the below steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register Your Phone” and choose “Register Here”.
  3. Enter your phone number and email address.
  4. You will receive an email with a link you need to click on within 72 hours to complete your registration.

How does Powur ensure TCPA compliance?

Corporate Team

Homeowners and Ambassadors can be confident that it is not standard practice for our internal Powur Team to make any outbound calling efforts to any customer without their expressed consent. Moreover, if you request to be removed from our internal call lists, we will do so expeditiously, and that information will be tracked in our system.

Independent Sellers

While Powur’s corporate office seldom makes cold calls, we do partner with independent consultants who may, from time to time, make calls to prospects who’ve expressed interest in solar.

We take compliance and integrity among our contractors very seriously and clearly outline the required adherence to TCPA Guidelines in our Policies & Procedures that our contractors are obligated to agree to in order to partner with us.

We provide our consultants with extensive training and information regarding TCPA guidelines, as well as highlight their legal compliance with any and all guidelines related to making contact with consumers. In addition, we hold our contractors accountable to integrity and quality standards in order to remain active on our platform.

Please be advised that neither of these actions can provide you with a 100% guarantee you will not receive calls from independently contracted sales consultants (especially if you’ve filled out any kind of online forms requesting more information regarding solar installation). We can, however, commit to investigating the matter fully and hold our independent consultant(s) accountable for any actions that they may take which can negatively impact customer experience.

How can you report non-compliance with TCPA?

If you receive unwanted phone calls from an independent consultant associated with Powur, please reach out to our legal team at If you report a TCPA violation, we add your name to our internal Do-Not-Call list AND submit your complaint to our legal team directly for additional investigation and resolution.

Should you continue to receive unwanted calls, please feel free to follow up directly with the individuals or companies placing the calls in violation of TCPA guidelines. In addition, feel free to follow up on the incident with our team at and we will conduct any appropriate compliance review and remedy per our policies for the contractors involved.

What kind of phone calls are allowed to those on the DNC list?

If the Homeowner has signed the Home Improvement Contract, they have effectively opted out of the Do Not Call List. Powur has the right to contact any current customers (regardless of whether they are on the DNC list) related to their current contract.


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